Does My Immigration Status Affect a Personal Injury Case?

Does My Immigration Status Affect a Personal Injury Case?

For many individuals and families living in New York City, immigration status is a concern.If you are injured through the fault or negligence of someone else, it is important for you to understand your rights to obtain money damages for the injury suffered by you or your loved one.

Immigration policies are making headlines these days.If you are applying for permanent residence, seeking asylum, or are undocumented, you could be concerned about coming to the attention of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).If you are hurt through no fault of your own, you may wonder whether it is a good idea to contact an attorney for help obtaining money damages to help you heal—the answer is “yes.”

People are injured every day in New York, and throughout the US. The laws of this country give people who suffer injury through the negligence of others a legal cause of action to obtain compensation.Those laws also give anyone living within US borders the right to protection under the law—including persons living here without proper documentation.

Here are some common ways you might be hurt in New York:

  • Transportation accidents:You or someone in your family could be hurt on a train, in a car, on a bike, or motorcycle.
  • Injury on the premises of someone else:If you slip and fall in a store, you may have a premises liability claim.
  • Hurt by a defective product or contaminated food:If you are made sick by a foodborne illness, or hurt by a product that is defectively designed or manufactured, you may have a products liability case.

Natural citizens, permanent residents, and undocumented aliens living in the US have the right to pursue compensation for injuries they suffer that are caused by others.While the thought of being detained by ICE is frightening, a personal injury action is not a criminal matter.An injury case is conducted in civil court and many personal injury matters settle without ever going to court.

The right of all persons within the US to file for money damages when they are injured through the negligence of others is important.A personal injury case helps you gain the compensation needed to recover from an injury and provides a deterrent to those who hurt others through negligence or by intent. For companies and businesses that manufacture defective products or allow others to be hurt on their premises, it is important for them to know that everyone is owed a duty of due care—not just some.

When you speak with a personal injury attorney, your conversation is protected from disclosure by an attorney-client privilege.This means that immigration and other information you tell your attorney cannot be disclosed to others, so you are free to discuss your case without fear of exposure.

Regardless of your immigration status, you have a legal right to bring a personal injury claim when you are hurt through the negligence of others.

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