Four Tips for Bicyclists Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

bicyclist involved in an accident with a car in New York

Whether you cycle for exercise or leisure, or are a committed commuting cyclist, a bike is a great way to get where you are going in New York City. The downside is the danger. An unfortunate reality of biking is that when a car or truck meets a bicycle, the cyclist always loses.

By planning new protected bike paths, instituting the Citi Bike program, and advocating safe cycling to bicyclists and motorists, the City is working to make cycling safer and more accessible for everyone. The New York Citi Bike program is currently the largest bike-share program in North America.

Despite education and safety innovations, cyclists are still getting hurt, sometimes fatally. If you are biking and involved in a collision with a motorist, it may not be clear what to do next. Here are some tips:

  1. Call the police: If you suffer any kind of injury, call the police. A police presence means a report is prepared, which can help you if you choose to pursue a claim for money damages for your injury. Police reports preserve detailed information about the scene and how the collision happened. In any case, your health is the first priority. Even if you feel okay, it is difficult to know whether you could be seriously injured if you are in shock. Accept a ride to the hospital to get checked out. New York State requires no-fault insurance, so the insurance of the at-fault driver should pay for your medical care.
  2. Evidence: If you can manage it at the scene, take pictures of the vehicle and your bike before they are moved or taken away. Get contact and insurance information from the other party, and contact information from witnesses. Take pictures of license plates, the street, the traffic, road conditions, and any factors that might have contributed to the crash. Do not dispose of or repair your bike right away and keep your damaged helmet because it can be used to support a personal injury claim.
  3. Get legal help from a bike lawyer: If you are injured, work with a personal injury attorney who has specific experience with bike crashes. An injury attorney knows the deadlines and requirements for making a claim when you are hit by a municipal vehicle, or if your injury was caused by road conditions in the city or elsewhere. The same thing goes if you are struck by a hit-and-run driver. Obtaining compensation for your injury may require looking to your own uninsured motorist coverage and it is better to work with a seasoned New York City bicycle accident attorney who knows how to obtain the compensation you need for your injury.
  4. Don’t share: If you have a claim or a lawsuit pending, do not talk to others about your accident. Do not post pictures of your accident, your crushed bike, or talk about your injury or how it occurred. Save conversations about the accident and your injury for your physician and your lawyer.

Bicycle crashes are frightening and often cause serious injury. If you are hurt—get good medical care and experienced legal advice as soon as you can to build a strong case on your behalf.

Get knowledgeable legal help from an experienced bike crash attorney in New York

Located on Madison Avenue, Robinson & Yablon, P.C. has decades of successful experience obtaining maximum money damages for bicyclists hurt through the negligence of others. When you have questions about a personal injury case—we have answers. Contact us or call (646) 832-2853 to speak with our legal team.

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