Is it Possible to Handle a Personal Injury Case On Your Own in New York?

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A serious injury can occur in a New York minute. When you’ve survived an accident, sky-high medical bills might make you consider handling your own personal injury case to save

However, it’s worth considering hiring a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are fairly compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and other costs incurred as a result of your injury.

While a non-lawyer might think that handling a personal injury case just means getting reimbursed for medical expenses, a NY personal injury lawyer can use his or her expertise to recover two kinds of damages: compensatory, which compensates victims for expenses from lost wages, medical bills, and property damage, and punitive damages, which are awarded to victims in addition to compensatory damages.

Personal injury cases are varied and complex. In New York, countless types of accidents and other causes of harm fall under the umbrella of personal injury, including auto accidents, construction incidents, police misconduct, assault and battery, medical malpractice, and slip and fall accidents. An experienced personal injury attorney has the knowledge to address underlying causes, hold those responsible for your injuries accountable, and seek fair compensation.


Why hire a personal injury lawyer in New York?

Even if your injuries are very minor, trying to negotiate compensation yourself could result in less compensation than you are entitled to receive. And of course, the more severe the injury and the more parties involved in the incident, the more complex your case becomes.

An experienced lawyer takes the proper measures to help ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve:

  • Quickly and easily obtaining your medical records
  • Negotiating settlements from insurance companies
  • Representing you throughout any litigation, including a jury trial should it come to that
  • Pursuing alternative methods of dispute resolution, like mediation
  • Handling all of the above tasks within the statute of limitations for your particular injury or accident

How can a personal injury attorney help me?

The statute of limitations, which stipulates the time you have to file a New York personal injury claim, can be very short. In some cases, you have as little as one year from the date of the conduct that injured you to file a claim. Having a personal injury lawyer advocating for you enables the case to proceed in a timely fashion and lets you focus on your recovery knowing that a professional is handling your legal matters.

If you handle your own case, you might get an initial settlement offer from an insurance company, which can be tempting to accept. However, it might not be high enough to cover the long-term expenses that can arise after an accident or injury—even small injuries can get more severe, complex, or expensive over time. Because injury attorneys handle these cases all the time, they know how to determine the true financial, medical, and even emotional costs of an undue injury and obtain a settlement or judgment that reflects it properly.

When to contact a personal injury lawyer for help obtaining rightful compensation

If you choose to pursue a claim, reach out to a personal injury lawyer in New York right away. Let Robinson & Yablon, P.C.’s team of veteran personal injury attorneys handle the legal side so you can focus on your recovery. We are based in the heart of Manhattan and serve all the surrounding areas of New York. Call us today at (212) 725-8566 and take the first step towards justice.


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