Rand Paul Hires Personal Injury Lawyer After Attack Breaks Six Ribs

Rand Paul

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Republican U.S. Senator Rand Paul has hired a personal injury lawyer in the wake of an alleged attack by his neighbor in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The incident left him with six broken ribs.

A pretrial conference for the case has been scheduled for November 30. The neighbor accused of assault, Rene Boucher, already appeared in Warren County District Court with his own attorney.

Boucher is a registered Democrat. He has admitted to going on Senator Paul’s property and tackling him, according to the arrest warrant issued by the Kentucky State Police. He faces a fourth-degree assault charge, which is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine and up to a year in jail. Typically, this charge would be reserved for assaults that result in minor injuries, so if federal charges are added, Mr. Boucher could face up to 10 years in prison for attacking a politician.

For now, Boucher has been ordered by the court to stay at least 1,000 feet away from Paul and his family at all times unless he is in his own home, which is a few hundred feet away from Paul’s.

Lawn trimmings the subject of the confrontation?

Within the week after the violent altercation, the New York Times reported that the incident likely stemmed from Paul blowing lawn trimmings onto Boucher’s property. The men live in a gated Bowling Green-area community with stringent regulations regarding landscaping that, according to the Times, Paul has often ignored.

According to the Times sources, Sen. Paul had been on a riding lawn mower when Boucher “charged and tackled” him. Paul was wearing earmuffs to mute external sound, so he did not realize Boucher was coming and was unable to brace himself. Paul’s aides say he suffered six broken ribs and bruises to his lungs, along with small cuts around his nose and mouth.

Paul and Boucher have known each other for at least 17 years and even worked together at one point. Boucher’s lawyer characterized the incident as a “regrettable dispute” over a “trivial” neighborhood matter that had nothing to do with politics, but rather arose from long-existing tensions.

Personal injury cases can coincide with criminal cases

This is certainly a bizarre case that contains some criminal elements, but Paul hiring a personal injury attorney indicates he plans to pursue civil action. Personal injury claims may also cover intentional acts on the part of the accused. A plaintiff who can prove intent and malice on the part of the defendant could recover punitive damages, in addition to compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

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