Recovering From Personal Injury After a Serious Car Crash

Recovering From Personal Injury after a Serious Car Crash

A car crash can leave you with injuries you never imagined and bills you cannot pay. What are the right steps to take if you are injured by a negligent motorist in New York City?

On crowded streets cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists compete for space, and every day someone loses. Whether a bicyclist is clipped by a truck, or a driver is hit from behind by another car, serious injury is common in New York City.

As personal injury attorneys serving New York City and surrounding regions, we regularly work with individuals and families who are trying to deal with the frustrating and difficult time after a life-changing injury. If you are injured, there are some common sense steps you can take to protect your rights—and your health—after a car crash. Consider these points:

  • Get medical help: If you suffer injury in a crash of any kind, get medical help. If a ride to the hospital is recommended—be sure to go. If you are knocked off your feet and feel like you are okay, make sure you get physically checked out, anyway. The shock of any accident can leave you feeling fine, when you may ultimately have a serious injury. Get yourself safe and call the police.
  • Collect evidence: If you are able, take pictures of the accident scene before anything is moved. Whether it is your car, or bicycle, or the car of the motorist that hit you, it is important to take pictures of the site, license plates, traffic patterns, condition of the road, weather, and anything that you believe was a factor in the crash. If there is a temporary obstruction in the road that contributed to the accident, like a construction detour—get a picture before it is cleared away. If injured, let someone else get pictures, and collect contact information from witnesses.
  • Talk to an attorney: If you are seriously injured, ask a family member or friend to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney ensures that important evidence is collected before cars are repaired and memory fades, and that deadlines for filing claims are not missed. Working with an attorney immediately shifts the burden of watching out for your personal interests to your legal counsel, to allow you to focus on feeling better. Because reputable injury attorneys work on a contingent fee basis, you do not pay fees up front. The agreed-upon attorney fee and expenses come out of any settlement or verdict that is obtained on your behalf, so you are not saddled with legal debt.
  • Keep a journal—and doctor appointments: After you are injured, follow the advice of your physician and keep doctor appointments, physical therapy, and treatment appointments. As soon as possible after the crash, write down all the detail you can remember about the event. Keep a daily or weekly record of how you feel, what you can or cannot do anymore, and the accommodations that you and your family must now make because you are injured.
  • Work with your attorney: If you are personally approached by the attorney or adjustor for an insurance company with a settlement offer, refer the individual to your attorney. Insurance companies often attempt to quickly settle injury cases with a low dollar offer. While it may sound like a good idea to get a large sum of money right away, you cannot yet know the extent of your injury—or the worth of your case. Your injury attorney will use the law to protect your rights to ensure you receive maximum compensation based on the facts of your case.

An attorney can build a strong legal case on your behalf as you regain your own health and strength. If you are injured, get reputable legal advice.

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