Robinson & Yablon Client Hit By NYPD Car Plans To Sue City

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A New York Daily News exclusive report brought one of our client’s stories to light, this Tuesday, December 19th. Charles Gunkel, a graphic designer from Stuyvesant
Town, was hit by a 2017 Dodge SUV driven by Detective Christopher Edwards when
crossing avenue C towards E. 20th St.

Mr. Gunkel didn’t plan on suing the city for damages, but the continuous pain, memory loss, physical therapy for his back problems and broken toe, added to the fact that the police filed a report claiming he caused the accident, brought him to seek justice.

The Police report claimed that Mr. Gunkel “… continued walking westbound not looking in front of him, causing him to walk into” the NYPD SUV, following with “pedestrian subsequently fell down”. A video of the incident, however, calls this account into question, as, even though there was no traffic around, the SUV slammed its brakes when Mr. Gunkel was hit.

Charles Gunkel, who suffered a severe concussion by cracking his head on the pavement, has, with our help, filed a notice of claim seeking $5 million from the city. One of our dedicated personal injury lawyers, Jared Cooper, dismissed a police source who claimed that Gunkel walked into the side of the NYPD Vehicle. Cooper asked, “if Charles had in fact walked into the side of the vehicle, then why would the NYPD detective driving the vehicle have lied?”.

Cooper continued “this is a sworn statement. It’s one officer giving a statement to the officer at the scene”, and “there’s no reason to hide the truth about the accident”. We at Robinson & Yablon will fight for the fair compensation Mr. Charles Gunkel deserves.

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