What Happens in a Car Accident With Little Damage to Vehicles, but Personal Injury for the Driver?

Traffic Jam Car Crash

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If you commute in New York, you’re all too familiar with the molasses-like crawl that traffic can slow to during rush hour. Even at these slow-motion speeds, you’re still at risk for getting into an accident, and possibly sustaining a personal injury or damage to your vehicle.

It might be tempting to go on your way after such an occurrence, but it’s important to document everything so you can be fairly compensated for minor property damage to your car and person. A personal injury lawyer provides the guidance you need to manage the other party in an accident, your insurance company and the New York court system, and ultimately, obtain the compensation you deserve.

Why bother with a claim if there was no visible damage to my car?

Just like with personal injuries, damage to your property might not become apparent until later. Even if it is not visible at first, hidden damage can later cause serious harm to your vehicle. For example, small tears in the internal components of your car can cause leakage in any liquid-bearing part, including your radiator or oil pan. Your wheels also might be out of alignment even after a relatively minor impact. Without rectifying this, it could worsen over time and become dangerous.

How should I handle my medical claims if my car was not damaged?

If your car was not damaged in a car accident, you might think it will be more difficult for you to prove that you suffered injury. However, many injuries take time to show how severe they really are. Serious injuries, including concussions, brain injuries, whiplash, herniated discs, and pain can be delayed in showing their symptoms.

If you are injured in a car accident, even if it is seemingly minor or nonexistent, do not sign a release of liability form after settling a car accident claim. Signing such a form can prevent you from recovering damages for your injuries. It’s especially important that you avoid signing a release like this before you have chance to have a doctor evaluate the extent of your injuries. A personal injury attorney will include your medical records and records of whatever damage to your car—even minor—in your New York personal injury claim.

I’ve had my car examined and my injuries evaluated—what next?

After any stressful incident, you might want to move on with your life as quickly as possible. However, after a car accident without visible damage to your vehicle, it’s critical to approach the situation with thorough care. After you have had your vehicle examined post-accident, take time to seek medical attention so a doctor can evaluate you for delayed or invisible injuries. The records of your “check-ups” on your car and yourself are useful evidence should you need to seek compensation later.

Seek advice from a knowledgeable New York injury attorney when you need help after a car crash

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