Train, Bicycle, and Motorcycle Accidents

New York Train, Bicycle, and Motorcycle Accidents

In New York, many residents use and even prefer car and bus alternatives like trains, bicycles, and/or motorcycles as a means of transportation. Like car crashes, however, train, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents can leave you with permanent and debilitating injuries.

Robinson Yablon Cooper, LLP’s experienced legal team of personal injury lawyers have successfully represented numerous train, bicycle, and motorcycle crash victims in New York. With over 50 years of combined experience in personal injury law, we have the proven ability to obtain monetary damages for victims to address their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

New York Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents often occur because a motorist is distracted and does not notice the bicyclist or because a motorist becomes frustrated at having to share the roadway with a bicyclist. These accidents can be fatal for the bicyclist. Even if the bicyclist survives, he or she may be left with permanent disabilities and painful injuries. The bicycle accident lawyers at Robinson Yablon Cooper, LLP are able to help injured cyclists obtain compensation from negligent motorists responsible for a bicycle accident.


New York Train Accidents

Whether you take a train or subway to work or travel cross country aboard a larger train designed to travel long distances, there is often little you can do to prevent a train crash or collision. Even a sudden and unexpected stop can cause serious injuries to passengers. Robinson Yablon Cooper, LLP will investigate these complicated accidents and collisions and help you or your loved one bring a successful lawsuit.


New York Motorcycle Accidents

The feeling of the open road that a motorcycle provides comes at a cost: motorcyclists are more likely to suffer fatal or catastrophic injuries in the event of a crash. While helmets and protective clothing can lessen the likelihood a rider will suffer these severe consequences, they cannot completely protect motorcyclists against all motorcycle accident injuries.

For injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, you can count on Robinson Yablon Cooper, LLP to aggressively and proactively protect your legal rights and seek compensation for you.

When To Call an Experienced New York Personal Injury Law Firm

You only have a limited amount of time to commence a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation for your injuries following a train, bicycle, or motorcycle accident. Robinson Yablon Cooper, LLP will efficiently analyze your case and determine who the responsible parties are, advise you of your legal rights and help you take the steps you need to recover monetary damages.